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My Life With Diabetes

When my mom diagnosed me with Type 1 diabetes at the young age of 13, my whole family was shocked. What did this mean? How would it affect my friendships at school? Could I ever play golf again? As the shock & anger wore off and we educated ourselves about this disease, we realized that with careful management it would be possible for me to live my dream of becoming a pro golfer.

It is very possible to be overwhelmed by the amount of information given to you when first diagnosed. The one thing to remember that was proven by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) “is that keeping glucose levels close to those of a person without diabetes can prevent or slow the progress of many complications of diabetes, giving extra years of healthy, active life.”

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The Michelle McGann Fund

The Michelle McGann Fund’s mission and purpose is to empower families with the support and education they need to ensure a health today and tomorrow for their child. Some of the many complications from diabetes – such as vision problems, blindness, kidney disease, hypertension, amputations and others – can be avoided or minimized when children get the best treatment possible. Further, quality of life improves when diabetics follow proper preventive and treatment protocols.

While diabetes research has its place and plays a critical role in how doctors treat diabetes in the future, many families need help now.

Families of diabetics need education and support to quickly get their children’s health on track. The Michelle McGann Fund is a driving force for promoting prompt diagnoses, proper treatment plans, and healthy, active lifestyles for children and families dealing with diabetes.

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